Stone Shapes


Not to be confused with CUT, a stone’s shape is the overall top-view profile it displays, ie. heart, marquis, pear, or princess/square. Stone shape is also a lesser discussed factor for a stone’s overall cost. Take round diamonds for example: round diamonds are consistently the most expensive shape for an engagement ring because of the amount of stone that must be shaved off to produce an ideally cut, perfectly circle stone. On the other hand, radiant and emerald shape diamonds require less cutting and stone loss, which makes them cost about 25% less than their 4C-equivalent round-diamond.

Using an identical carat, cut, clarity, and color, here is how the diamond shape impacted the stone's overall price.

  1. Round - $1000
  2. Marquise - $964
  3. Pear - $924
  4. Heart/Trillion - $900
  5. Oval - $882
  6. Princess - $862
  7. Asscher - $820
  8. Cushion - $810
  9. Emerald - $768
  10. Radiant - $735


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