The 4Cs: Carat

When it comes to the 4Cs of diamond quality, carat is often the most thought and talked about. Carat is the overall weight of a diamond, used to calculate its volume, and so it is the characteristic that most often defines the stone. But carat is only one of the factors. The clarity, the cut, and the color all determine how much the stone costs per carat. You could have two vastly different stones at the exact same carat size and they would have very different overall cost.  

From a top view, an ideally cut, round diamond would have a diameter  

  1. 0.25 carat ≈ 4.1 mm
  2. 0.5 carat ≈ 5.0 mm
  3. 0.75 carat ≈ 5.7 mm
  4. 1.0 carat ≈ 6.4 mm
  5. 1.5 carat ≈ 7.3 mm
  6. 2.0 carat ≈ 8.1 mm
  7. 2.5 carat ≈ 8.8 mm
  8. 3.0 carat ≈ 9.4 mm

Pro tip: a 1.0 and 0.9 carat diamond will cost hundreds of dollars difference but appear identical to the naked eye. This is true for 1.5, 2.0, etc. When considering diamond carat, consider a subtle drop to save.

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