The 4Cs: Color

Traditionally and most commonly, diamonds are thought of as clear. In reality, diamonds range in colors from clear to smokey, yellow, red, orange, green, purple, blue, pink, brown, or black. When talking about diamond color in terms of cost, they are referring to the clear-to-yellow scale that is used by gemologist to grade diamonds.

  1. D-E-F  colorless
  2. G-H-I-J  near colorless
  3. K-L-M faint yellow
  4. N-O-P-Q-R very light yellow
  5. S-T-U-V light yellow
  6. W-X-Y-Z yellow

(Moissanite also varies slightly in color, however, much less than diamonds. Moissanite can have a slight yellow or green tint, but most often fall on the DEF range of the diamond color scale.)

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